Month: January 2020

Part 1 – The marriage of Physics and Yoga

To celebrate Swamiji’s Jyanthi at Janita’s place in France, I thought I would give a talk, based on a quote from Swamiji and finishing with a quote from Swamiji too.   30 years ago, Swami Gitananda told me: “PHYSICS and YOGA are on a crash course!” He did not mean that they would wipe each… Read more »

The wonderful science of yoga!

The wonderful science of yoga! It is amazing that every aspect or part of yoga can lead us into a state of meditation, even the cleansing and clearing of the Nadis (channels in the subtle body) will lead us there! For example, in Patanjali’s yoga sutras , there are described 8 limbs of yoga Yamas –… Read more »

Yoga is Samadhi

“Give me another term for Samadhi!” I asked my small advanced Yoga class. The answers came fast and furious: “Bliss / Right Knowledge / Peace / Self Awareness / Nirvana / Total Contentment / Illumination, etc / Oneness”. Keep going”, I said, “There is a particular word I want from you”. Well, we continued until… Read more »

A lesson from my weeds

As I look out of my kitchen window into the gravelled corner of my Japanese garden, I can see some green weeds growing on the gravel! Although I have put a black membrane down beneath the stone, so nothing could grow up there, it appears that something has! It must be that the wind has… Read more »

What is the difference between Asana and exercise?

“Welcome”, said the Yoga Teacher to the new student; “What style of Yoga have you practiced before?”. “Only the exercise Yoga, 8 years – I am quite flexible”, replied the student, “I have been practicing the movements only, but not with much breathing”. “Exercise is good”, commented the teacher, “but it is a long way… Read more »