Month: March 2020

I  just need some SPACE!

Namaste dear souls, It is strange how life works out.. I wrote the following article a week before Coronavirus! Most of us certainly have “time to stand and stare “ now! Albeit not quite what was intended…   I JUST NEED SOME SPACE! Everyone in the class turned around as the door suddenly banged shut… Read more »

Surreal times

Dear lovely students, These are surreal times, and I feel like I am awake in a dream! This must be what the Buddha and other enlightened souls felt, only in what we experienced as normal life! Remember when the Buddha was asked ‘what is the difference between you and an ordinary man?’ he replied, ‘I… Read more »

Shavasana: No time for sleeping…

“Now you can choose an individual asana” the yoga teacher said “Oh thats great” giggled one of the students “its shavasana for me!” The class laughed. This student was always looking for the easy way out and asking for a quick fix! “Why shavasana?” enquired the teacher “Because its the easiest asana of course” smiled… Read more »