Month: April 2020

Alternate Nostril Breathing

I have found a great YouTube explanation of alternate nostril breathing (an element of Pranayama) by my Guru, Dr. Swami Gitananda’s son, also a doctor, Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani. There is no better explanation anywhere….enjoy! He is currently putting up some practices which he said I can share with you so watch this space… With deep… Read more »

Spiritual Progress

With thanks to the Brahma Kumaris, these wise words arrived in my inbox: There is benefit for you in every situation. If, that is, you know how to look for it. The idea behind steady spiritual progress is to see every circumstance and situation (particularly those that challenge you) as a tailor-made lesson in your… Read more »

What is Raja Yoga?

In a nutshell, whereas Hatha yoga is mainly concerned with the body, the ‘Seen’ (rendering it fit for asana), Raja yoga focuses on the unseen aspects of the breath, energy, the mind and meditation. Raja yoga employs many different techniques to suit all types of students; emotional, feeling types, intellectual questioning types, devotional  prayer types.… Read more »

A Meditation for You

This morning I had a meditation I thought I would share: Sit in a relaxed yet upright position, spine straight, body draped around it. Move your awareness inside. Feel the shape of your body as if you are moving through an empty house looking through all its rooms…….take as long as you like. Now, be aware of… Read more »


“Baaabooo…are you old?” asked her four year old grandson. Baboo smiled, thought for a minute, and then replied. “I am not, no, but my body is!” Her little grandson pulled a quizzical face and said, “what do you mean Baboo?” “Well my dear, let us say that your young ‘now’ body is like a fast… Read more »

The tale of my personal puja

A friend asked me, “why have you got a video of your table on Youtube? And what made you choose those things on it?” So, I thought I would give you all a background to it (I guess you’ll have time to read it now!) ..and maybe you will create your own! You can view… Read more »