Month: August 2023

A torch is no use to a blind man

After spending some time searching through various Yoga books and catalogues, old and new, writings Ancient and Modern, even venturing online and trawling through internet sales, the Yoga teacher gasped.   “Ooh wow, I have the chance to bid on an original copy of the Rig Veda… yes the Rig Veda! The oldest writings known… Read more »

An endangered emotive state: Santosha

As featured in Yoga Life (August 2023) edition celebrating the 80th birthday of Ammaji, I wrote a piece on Contentment, which you will see below. You will find the full edition here: Yoga Life Online Edition In the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjalii (around 500 BCE) Santosha is the second of the five Niyamas. The Yamas… Read more »