You don’t have to go to India to find an authentic Guru! Part three

No. 3 Sri Swami Tadatmananda Saraswati Sri Swami Tadatmananda was a former computer engineer and this enabled him to draw upon contemporary scientific and psychological insights while unfolding ancient scripture. From 1981 onwards he studied in the US and India under Puja Swami Dayananda, both Vedanta and ancient Sanskrit. He is the Founder and resident teacher… Read more »

You don’t have to go to India to find an authentic Guru! Part two

Continuing on three great gurus teaching today in the west! No.2 Ramana Baba …Muz MURRAY. Born in England in 1940, Muz Murray originally left art school and working in the creative arts, before taking off on a 30 year old adventure around the east Far East and Africa. Described as an Indiana Jones style spiritual adventurer,… Read more »

You don’t have to go to India to find an authentic Guru! Part one…

In fact, I know a few students who travelled around India who say they could not find one!! Of course they are there but not as easy to find as you think… Many years ago (over 20 ) when I was literally sitting at the foot of my guru Swami Gitananda, he said that in… Read more »

Another Perspective on Meditation: an Ayurvedic View

Years ago I had the privilege of studying with Pandit Vamadeva Shastri (Vedacharya Dr. David Frawley), then Director of the American Institute of Vedic Studies. I thought he was a genius at explaining ancient thoughts, and the profound and complex, into an easy-to-digest form, making him a wonderful teacher! So, I thought to share some… Read more »

Music to our ears…

  “When we become the observer of our own self, without identification, justification or condemnation, the inner music of silence becomes a joy. As long as we condemn and as long as we justify – it will be a noise.” Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani   “When sounds are in tune they become music. Out of tune,… Read more »

Part 1 – The marriage of Physics and Yoga

To celebrate Swamiji’s Jyanthi at Janita’s place in France, I thought I would give a talk, based on a quote from Swamiji and finishing with a quote from Swamiji too.   30 years ago, Swami Gitananda told me: “PHYSICS and YOGA are on a crash course!” He did not mean that they would wipe each… Read more »

The wonderful science of yoga!

The wonderful science of yoga! It is amazing that every aspect or part of yoga can lead us into a state of meditation, even the cleansing and clearing of the Nadis (channels in the subtle body) will lead us there! For example, in Patanjali’s yoga sutras , there are described 8 limbs of yoga Yamas –… Read more »