An endangered emotive state: Santosha

As featured in Yoga Life (August 2023) edition celebrating the 80th birthday of Ammaji, I wrote a piece on Contentment, which you will see below. You will find the full edition here: Yoga Life Online Edition In the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjalii (around 500 BCE) Santosha is the second of the five Niyamas. The Yamas… Read more »

Eye-engar! Eye Yoga

A recent article in British Vogue stated: “The latest wellness trend is eye yoga and is quick, effective, and you don’t have to leave the sofa!” It then goes on to describe our ancient eye practices; part of our classical yoga system. They mention how this practice can strengthen eye muscles, improving instances of eye… Read more »


Pratyhara means withdrawal of the senses and is the 5th limb of Patanjali’s Yoga sutras, the 8-fold path to Yoga. To quote from Salvatore Zambita’s book The unadorned thread of yoga: Yoga sutras of Patanjali in English (in my opinion …the best!) “The yoga sutras of Patanjali is the central text, the core of practical… Read more »

Yoga Practice Videos on YouTube

Namaste! I have been working on several videos to help students to continue their practice while in lockdown and beyond! There are now two series available on my YouTube Channel. Foundations of Asana: Suitable for all levels, this series is aimed and building your foundations and improving your Yoga practice. There are five videos in… Read more »

Alternate Nostril Breathing

I have found a great YouTube explanation of alternate nostril breathing (an element of Pranayama) by my Guru, Dr. Swami Gitananda’s son, also a doctor, Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani. There is no better explanation anywhere….enjoy! He is currently putting up some practices which he said I can share with you so watch this space… With deep… Read more »

A Meditation for You

This morning I had a meditation I thought I would share: Sit in a relaxed yet upright position, spine straight, body draped around it. Move your awareness inside. Feel the shape of your body as if you are moving through an empty house looking through all its rooms…….take as long as you like. Now, be aware of… Read more »

The tale of my personal puja

A friend asked me, “why have you got a video of your table on Youtube? And what made you choose those things on it?” So, I thought I would give you all a background to it (I guess you’ll have time to read it now!) ..and maybe you will create your own! You can view… Read more »

Shavasana: No time for sleeping…

“Now you can choose an individual asana” the yoga teacher said “Oh thats great” giggled one of the students “its shavasana for me!” The class laughed. This student was always looking for the easy way out and asking for a quick fix! “Why shavasana?” enquired the teacher “Because its the easiest asana of course” smiled… Read more »

The wonderful science of yoga!

The wonderful science of yoga! It is amazing that every aspect or part of yoga can lead us into a state of meditation, even the cleansing and clearing of the Nadis (channels in the subtle body) will lead us there! For example, in Patanjali’s yoga sutras , there are described 8 limbs of yoga Yamas –… Read more »

What is the difference between Asana and exercise?

“Welcome”, said the Yoga Teacher to the new student; “What style of Yoga have you practiced before?”. “Only the exercise Yoga, 8 years – I am quite flexible”, replied the student, “I have been practicing the movements only, but not with much breathing”. “Exercise is good”, commented the teacher, “but it is a long way… Read more »