A torch is no use to a blind man

After spending some time searching through various Yoga books and catalogues, old and new, writings Ancient and Modern, even venturing online and trawling through internet sales, the Yoga teacher gasped.


“Ooh wow, I have the chance to bid on an original copy of the Rig Veda… yes the Rig Veda! The oldest writings known to Man! The wisdom of the Ancients! I don’t care how much it is, I have to have it!” she thought excitedly.


“I won the bid! Yeah! and now I need rupees… No problem, I shall go to the bank for a draft!”


The following day, off she went, picked up and posted the bankers draft and waited for the book to arrive!


“Mmm… how jolly to have that ancient wisdom under my belt,” she thought, “and pass the knowledge on to my students!”


She waited and waited, with great anticipation… and after several weeks a book arrived, impeccably wrapped in exotic linens, and covered with a multitude of Indian stamps.


She clutched the book to her chest and danced around. “I almost don’t want to open its sacred pages,” she thought, “hmmm… I shall sit quietly and savour this moment!”


After a few minutes, she could contain herself no longer and gently unwrapped the parcel, placing the book on her lap. It looked very old and battered. But no problem, because it is what’s inside that matters!


She opened the cover and gazed upon the first page, and then the next page… “Oh no!” she turned the next, and the next, continuing to turn the pages, turning ever faster until the final page was reached…


“Oh no…” she squeaked, “it is all written in the ancient language of Sanskrit!” she exclaimed. Then smiled, “what a lesson for my ego…”


The answers to Life, Death, and the Universe can be right in front of us, but we do not have the tools to know it!


We need to develop the right equipment; our Self, our Consciousness, in order to understand the answers!


A Lesson Learned.


A torch is no use to a blind man!