A tribute to my father

Recently at the end of a Satsang, Swamiji said “meditate on anything that comes up”.

Swamiji had mentioned that his Guru, Baba, was ‘big’ on contentment and that word reminded me of my dearest daddy who passed away at the end of last year, at the grand old age of 90.

He always used to say,

“Don’t worry about me Son, I am most contented.”

Whenever we asked, “how are you today, Dad?”, he would always say “I am most content.”

I took this to mean I am OK, although Dad always seemed so much more than OK, being far fitter both physically and mentally than his peer group.

So I dedicated my meditation on contentment to my father, and this is what came bubbling up.

  • To be content, is to open up to what IS, and be happy with that.
  • To be content is to want for nothing.
  • To be content is not to push or force but to go with the FLOW
  • To be content is to experience BEING deep within oneself.
  • To be content is to be Open and FREE
  • To be content is to live beyond the pairs of opposites!

An old Chinese saying says TO BE CONTENT IS TO BE KING

My father, protecter, and friend.
You were the king among men to me!

Wow ..what an amazing word CONTENTMENT is!