An Alien Perspective…

Humans land upon the moon
They look around and start to swoon
Wow! There are strange looking rocks wherever they roam
Let’s dig some of them up and take them home.

They returned to earth, and in a special box
Display to all the barren rocks
Everyone came to stand and stare
All desiring what was there!

Aliens land upon the Earth
They are all struck by it and know it’s worth
There are oceans, lakes, and meandering rivers
The planets life blood which shines and quivers.
There are mountains, valleys, and deserts of gold
Green plants and trees and flowers to behold
Life is hanging on just everywhere
In the waters, on the land and in the air.
Such variety and beauty they had never seen
of all the planets this is the cream!

Aliens report now back to the base
Trying to describe this miraculous place

Earth is fabulous indeed,
but there is a species we need to weed…
They are killing things off in the name of greed
They are killing all the creatures and even eachother
And are poisoning the planet that is their mother!
Their destructive nature we must quell

For they are turning this heaven into a hell!