An Ancient Indian Tale for all you worriers

There are times when we all worry, but some souls worry all the time as if it is a natural state of being.

Worry is defined as a state of perplexity, trouble or harassment, anxiety, to fatigue, to strangle…The thesaurus would also say agitate, torment and sufferHere is a tale to set you on the right path…

A long time ago there lived a cow. She lived alone in a field full of lush grass and was well cared for. Across the fields she could see other cows with little grass and who were not so looked after.

The sun shone and the rain fell, feeding the lush field. However, instead of the cow enjoying her life, each night she went to sleep worrying whether the grass would be there in the morning. That thought would even stop her sleeping and she started to become exhausted.

Eventually, she had to sleep and when she awoke, the grass was lush and the sun shone.

Ah, but was she happy? No, not at all, because she thought, ‘What if tomorrow, none of this is here and I shall starve? Oh, woe is me, what can I do?’ So, with a heavy heart she munched the grass feeling utterly miserable.

The dear cow lived like this for the rest of her days ..creating her own suffering!

So, don’t be a worrier, be a spiritual warrior!

Take each day as it comes, counting your blessings and meeting the challenges that will make you stronger.

And remember, ONLY NOW EXISTS!

Love and light