“Baaabooo…are you old?” asked her four year old grandson.

Baboo smiled, thought for a minute, and then replied.

“I am not, no, but my body is!”

Her little grandson pulled a quizzical face and said, “what do you mean Baboo?”

“Well my dear, let us say that your young ‘now’ body is like a fast flashy raring to go sports car. You are all brand new and shiny; with perfect paintwork, bright lights, a loud horn, and fresh pumped up tyres.”

His eyes lit up, he liked cars.

Baboo continued, “I had a body like that once… a four year old body like you, and then it slowly changed until it was more like a big family car; comfortable and roomy, like your Daddy’s car.”

“That’s not so much fun…” he muttered.

“Later on in life the body changes again, and now, like an old car, it’s not so fast, a bit rusty, lights and horn not working quite as well and the tyres are a bit flatter. But, and this is the important bit, throughout all these changes THE DRIVER WAS THE SAME …and that, is really me!”

“But what if your engine breaks down Baboo… what will you do?”

“I, as the driver, will get out of my car and find a new one …and start all over again!”

“Good,” said her grandson happily, “now can we have an ice cream please? My car needs petrol!”

They both laughed and set off.