You’re never alone with mindful eating!

In fact…it could be pleasantly crowded!

Do you think about the food you’re about to eat or just get it made and stuff it in the hole in yer face and move on?

Very few people say grace anymore, not in schools or even some spiritual retreats. When I eat mindfully, not mindlessly, the experience takes on another dimension. Take something as simple as a cheese sandwich.

Look at it with gratefulness. After all the most part of it will become what you call ..YOU! Food that you eat creates your body, does it not?

Think about those behind your mouthful.

Think about the bread; the Farmers that grew the wheat and harvested it, the Miller making the flour, the Baker baking the bread, and the Delivery Guys taking it the shop. Then visualise the diary farmers; milking the dear cows, selling the milk to the butter and cheesemakers and the transporters to the shop.

Now there are quite a few souls joining me for lunch!

The market gardeners having grown that tomato, those guys who harvested the black pepper and chiselled off my Himalayan salt…

What a crowd!

I smile to myself …tea anyone? How wonderful, those images of the tea pickers in their brightly coloured saris!

Thank you all.