Surreal times

Dear lovely students,

These are surreal times, and I feel like I am awake in a dream! This must be what the Buddha and other enlightened souls felt, only in what we experienced as normal life! Remember when the Buddha was asked ‘what is the difference between you and an ordinary man?’ he replied, ‘I am awake!’What would that mean..?

Awake to the constantly shifting and changing experience of existence and it’s totally transient nature …..the reality lies beyond that!

Why not sit, be present, and tune in at the time of your usual class. Smile to all your classmates in your mind’s eye and bow to each. We are, and will remain, connected through these challenging times. You may also be inspired to do a little practice on your own afterwards! I shall tune in to each and every one of you, sending a big virtual hug!

We are working on a way I could YouTube some classes for you to follow, so watch out for new items here. I could go through Yoga sutra each week or chapter on the Bhagavad Gita ..made easy we all know the classic yoga texts?

Think positive, be positive, do positive, so we as a society can come out of  all of this as better human beings!

Much love and light,
Sonia x