Another Perspective on Meditation: an Ayurvedic View

Years ago I had the privilege of studying with Pandit Vamadeva Shastri (Vedacharya Dr. David Frawley), then Director of the American Institute of Vedic Studies. I thought he was a genius at explaining ancient thoughts, and the profound and complex, into an easy-to-digest form, making him a wonderful teacher!

So, I thought to share some of his thoughts on meditation with your good selves as it provides a different perspective from the traditional Yogic practices.

Meditation helps all of us detach from the body.

Meditation helps promote our highest impulses and also roots out those which are harmful and intractable.

Meditation should be grounded in proper lifestyle; without it we may not be capable of real meditation if we want to practise it.

Meditation is our ability to contact our true Self and consciousness, which is the source of life and intelligence.

*All forms of Meditation are not good for everyone, any more than all foods or herbs are!*

Generally one begins a meditation session with a formal practice, employing techniques like pranayama, prayer, mantra, or visualisation. Then formless meditation can proceed;
Like sitting in silence (Zen)
Self enquiry (raja, Gnana  or Shaivism )
Or performing devotional thoughts on “God”

If we merely sit without using any tools to calm the mind first, we may simply get lost in our own thoughts and end up more confused and disturbed!

Vamadeva is currently away from the world at his hermitage, true to the Ayurvedic time of life tradition.
May his time be spent in the bliss of his knowing!