The wonderful science of yoga!

The wonderful science of yoga!

It is amazing that every aspect or part of yoga can lead us into a state of meditation, even the cleansing and clearing of the Nadis (channels in the subtle body) will lead us there!

For example, in Patanjali’s yoga sutras , there are described 8 limbs of yoga

  1. Yamas – how you treat others
  2. Niyamas – how you treat yourself

In other words, it starts with the kind of person you are.

Nadi cleansing is not common practice in the west and only committed yoga students who desire to go deeper attend. It is part of Raja yoga and Ayurveda.

So we have a certain kind of person…

  1. Asana – in our practise we have learnt to sit up straight , stable and comfortable
  1. Pranayama – we use pranayama to clear the nadis.
  1.  Pratyhara – withdrawal  of our senses

The practice of pranayama and awareness of the subtle channels, naturally brings our attention inwards.

  1. Dharana – concentration

We also add to our practice the direction and flow of the channels. This cannot be done without total concentration.

  1. Dhyana  – meditation

This concentration will lead us effortlessly into a state of meditation

  1. Samadhi – bliss

We are left with a state of peace, lightness, expansiveness, unity  …YOGA!


Hari Om tat sat.