You don’t have to go to India to find an authentic Guru! Part three

No. 3
Sri Swami Tadatmananda Saraswati

Sri Swami Tadatmananda was a former computer engineer and this enabled him to draw upon contemporary scientific and psychological insights while unfolding ancient scripture. From 1981 onwards he studied in the US and India under Puja Swami Dayananda, both Vedanta and ancient Sanskrit. He is the Founder and resident teacher of Arsha Bodha Centre in the U S.

I find that he can explain the profound in a gentle easy to digest way

“…according to ancient Rishis, this world around us has a mysterious hidden dimension. A dimension that is not visible to our eyes yet it is immediately present in every experience. The physical world is set to have an underlying foundation, a fundamental reality that is the very fabric of existence out of which the universe is woven like the threads out of which embroidery is woven.

The Rishis said that everything including you and me have an underlying reality they call Brahman And the world we experience is a mere appearance or form of Brahman. Then if everything is a thread  of Brahman, then there  can be only Brahman and nothing else truly exists.

Since all this was made  known to us by ancient rishis and mystics, how do we know we can trust what these Rishis taught? We have the revelation but how are they different from Other revelations?

Advaita is based on three strong pillars
1.Sruti( scripture)
2.Yukti (reason)
3.Anubhava  (experience)

According to Advaita a teaching can only be true if it is supported on all three pillars. We don’t mindlessly accept anything as blind faith but we use extensive reasoning as a powerful tool for spiritual enquiry and of course our own experience.
The great vedantin Shankara said “Even if hundreds of Scriptures say that fire is cold or dark they cannot be accepted.!”

Want to know more ..check him out.

Swamiji has many talks online and answers many questions ..I also like his graphics and check out his website. Here is a talk on the role of the guru.

From time to time I shall quote more from these modern Sages and am very grateful for their great wisdom, and great humour too.!