A Meditation for You

This morning I had a meditation I thought I would share:

Sit in a relaxed yet upright position, spine straight, body draped around it.

  1. Move your awareness inside. Feel the shape of your body as if you are moving through an empty house looking through all its rooms…….take as long as you like.
  2. Now, be aware of the breath moving through this body; the gross breath. Breathe in and out…you can stay there.
  3. Then feel the energy moving in this body; the subtle breath. Rising on your inhale, moving down on your exhale. Take as long as you like as each stage can lead to meditation.
  4. Visualise that you can walk through the many doors in this ‘house’ before moving into the garden all around.
  5. What if I told you that EVERYTHING WAS SACRED? Run with that thought. How does it make you feel? Stay in that thought as long as you like.

Sent with love