The tale of my personal puja

A friend asked me, “why have you got a video of your table on Youtube? And what made you choose those things on it?” So, I thought I would give you all a background to it (I guess you’ll have time to read it now!) ..and maybe you will create your own!

You can view the video of my morning meditation here.



A puja is a morning prayer or ritual, and various traditions have special uniform ways of performing them. I had never been into rituals of any kind… then once upon a time long ago (heehee), I took my youngest daughter to the fabulous Swaminarayan Temple in London.

As always after a guided tour, she wanted to go to the gift shop where she bought herself a gift and a fridge magnet for me! I did not do fridge magnets and her choice was quite odd, it depicted a swami with the words “Did you do your pooja today?”

“Err..thanks,” I said, and when we arrived home thought I should put it up not to upset her.

Once it was up I saw it every morning and then thought “Oh God, maybe I should make one up? What to put on it?”

Oh I know, I was given an old icon from a Russian friend for Christmas when I was a young woman and never knew where to put it ….so up it went.

That year for my birthday an artist pal of mine had painted a Ganesh for me.

My statue of Lakshmi came as a surprise barter for a course of treatments!

The picture of my guru Swami Gitananda was presented to me in India.

When my eldest daughter travelled around the world she brought a gift of a statue of the Buddha.

And when on a yoga retreat I was given a gift of a travelling Shiva.


So I start my day thinking of my family, my Gurus and my friends and the profound meanings symbolised by these statues!

Love and light