Yoga Practice Videos on YouTube


I have been working on several videos to help students to continue their practice while in lockdown and beyond!

There are now two series available on my YouTube Channel.

  • Foundations of Asana: Suitable for all levels, this series is aimed and building your foundations and improving your Yoga practice. There are five videos in all, going from the breath, to the hips, and you can choose to enjoy just one or all of these practices. Use these to improve a weaker area, or simply improve movement, flexibility, and your overall Yoga Practice. You can find these videos here


  • Bitesize Yoga Practice: This is a class split into four parts, suitable for all levels. I have also recorded a Guided Meditation, which I would suggest you complete after the class and bitesize bits! They have been split to allow them to fit into your daily routine wherever you choose.


I hope these videos will be of use to you and welcome feedback.

Love and light,

Sonia x